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NEXCOM IoT Gateways With IoT Studio Assist Businesses Fostering Cloud Connectivity

NEXCOM IoT gateway solution comes to bridge the control and management layers of industrial internet of things (IIoT). Featuring acquisition, processing, and evaluation of big loads of data to upload valuable data to the cloud, the IoT gateway solution is ready to reinforce industrial environments with data analysis and predictive maintenance. With setup, configuration, and deployment made easy, just as security got strengthened, NEXCOM IoT gateway solution offers clients a comprehensive approach to make smarter decisions that bring major improvements to their businesses.

The IoT gateway solution expands the limits of connectivity and data handling while easing deployment. First, it can interact with industrial control systems and a variety of PLCs, field devices, and sensors to acquire a myriad of data via Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA, and fieldbus (CPS Series). Then, the IoT gateway solution performs in-depth and complex processing of data led by NEXCOM IoT Studio, a fully tested built-in configuration tool for strenuous work that reduces deployment efforts after minimal drag-n-drop actions to collect, organize, evaluate, filter out, and display relevant information. Finally, the IoT gateway solution can complete the IoT ecosystem uploading data to cloud platforms such as IBM Bluemix®, Microsoft® Azure, and Amazon Web Services for further analysis.

Bringing processing closer to the edge, pre-installed NEXCOM IoT Studio revamps data visualization and increases security. With tons of data coming from devices of dissimilar brands or protocols and assessed right at the IoT gateway solution, NEXCOM IoT Studio offers a new dashboard with a variety of widgets to showcase a compact view of relevant information according to specific applications. NexManager feature increases security allowing users to create and visualize projects associated to their private session. Furthermore, USB WhiteList is a new tool that avoids data theft and security breaches protecting the IoT gateway by granting exclusive access to UBS ports and storage units previously added to the WhiteList.

Addressing applications from various industries, the IoT gateway solution opens huge opportunities for data analysis and predictive maintenance. Communicating with sensors, devices, cameras and systems, NEXCOM IoT gateways provide real-time updates through charts and diagrams to improve energy management in supermarkets to adjust the systems and resources accordingly.  In industrial environments, clients can oversee machines’ condition keeping a status log and receiving alerts via texts or e-mail through web services only when certain parameters fall out of range. With two models available, the NISE 50-IoT has a slim design perfect for confined or wall-mounted scenarios, as the NIFE 103-IoT eases installation offering DIN rail mount option.

Main Features

  • Ready-to-use IoT gateway to accelerate IoT deployment

  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA, and MQTT protocols

  • Cloud Connectivity: IBM Bluemix®, Microsoft® Azure, and Amazon Web Services

  • NEXCOM IoT Studio for intuitive visual flow-based programming

  • Open architecture with Windows and Ubuntu support

Ordering Information

NIFE 103-IoT-W10 (P/N: 10J70010301X0)

NIFE 103-IoT Gateway with Win10, IoT Studio and USB Whitelist (trial version) 

NIFE 103-IoT-UB (P/N: 10J70010302X0)

NIFE 103-IoT Gateway with Ubuntu and IoT Studio 

NISE 50-IoT-W10 (P/N: 10J00005030X0)

NISE 50-IoT Gateway with Win10, IoT Studio and USB Whitelist (trial version)

NISE 50-IoT-UB (P/N: 10J00005023X0)

NISE 50-IoT Gateway with Ubuntu and IoT Studio

USB WhiteList License Key (P/N: 6014504001X00)

Full version for unlimited usage

24V, 60W AC/DC power adapter w/o power cord (P/N: 7400060033X00)