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COMe 为工业相关应用提供可靠的嵌入式平台,是客制化的理想选择,同时减少项目进度和成本

  • 第八/九代Intel® Core™ 处理器, 1511插槽, PCH C246
  • 支持双通道DDR4带ECC或非ECC SO-DIMM 2666MHZ内存,最大32GB
  • 支持三重显示VGA, 2 x DP, eDP/LVDS 24bit双通道
  • PCI Express Lane x16 (可配置:“1 x16” ; “2 x8” ; “1 x8 + 2 x4”)
  • PCI Express Lane x1 (Gen 3), 8x (可配置:x1, x4)
  • I/O: 2 x UART(RX/TX), 8 Bit DIO, WDT, TPM(可选)


ICES675S系列COM Express Type 6基本型计算模块,采用Intel® C240系列PCH芯片组,支持第8/9代Intel® Core™处理器,1511插槽,DDR4带ECC或非ECC SO-DIMM 2666MHZ,最高32GB。ICES675S集成Intel® HD Graphics引擎支持或通过PCI Express Graphic 1 x 16通道进行扩展,并支持三个DDI(数字显示接口),遵循PICMG COM2.0规范的标准。它支持6引脚载板实现DDI和传统VGA接口。

高性能ICES675 COM Express基本型模块为您的嵌入式应用提供1个GBE LAN, 4个USB3.1 GEN1, 8个USB2.0, 4个SATA3.0, 2个UART(TX/RX), HD Audio, 8 bit DIO, TPM (可选), ICEB 8060 以及定制的解决方案。


The ICES675S Series is a COM Express Type 6-pinouts Basic module which featuring Intel® C240 series PCH chipset supports Intel® 8/9th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, socket 1511 ,DDR4 with ECC or non-ECC SO-DIMM 2666MHZ up to 32GB. The ICES675S-NCB integrated Intel® HD Graphics engines support or expands via PCI Express Graphic 1 x 16 lanes and support three DDI (Digital Display Interface) to follow the standard of PICMG COM2.0 specification. It allows type 6-pinout Carrier board to implement DDI and legacy VGA interface.

The high performance ICES675 COM Express Basic Module supports 1 x GBE LAN, 4 x USB3.1 GEN1, 8 x USB2.0, 4 x SATA3.0, 2 x UART(TX/RX), HD Audio, 8 bit DIO, TPM (Optional) ICEB 8060 as well as customized solution for your embedded projects.

Ordering Information


ICES675S (P/N:10K00067508X0 )
COM Express Type 6, Basic Module, 8/9th Generation Intel® Core™ LGA1151 Processor,C246 PCH with 6 core support, Support dual channel DDR4 with ECC and non-ECC SO-DIMM 2666MHZ up to 32 GB, Support 1 PCIE x16 / 8 PCIE x 1 / 4 x USB3.1 / 8 x USB2.0 / 4 SATA 3.0 and GBE, LVDS(eDP Optional) / VGA (DDI3 Optional)/ DDI 1 / DDI 2

Optional Accessories

CPU Cooler (P/N:5050200161X00)

TPM 2.0 Module KIT (P/N:79E00TPM01X00)


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