Discover the Comfort and Flexibility of NexCOBOT’s TP 100-1 Teach Pendant

NexCOBOT’s new TP 100-1 teach pendant is a universal and user-friendly remote control for all robotic arm brands and automation systems. The device reduces the costs of purchasing proprietary teach pendants for each separate robotic arm on production lines, while utilizing an enhanced, ergonomic layout that allows the operator to comfortably view the screen and grasp the device for hours on end.

Fanless Computers Crammed With Superior Performance Smooth Industrial Applications

NEXCOM’s NISE 3800 series of fanless computers consolidates high computing power, enhanced expandability and connectivity for industrial requirements. Offering superior connectivity and function expansions with maximized endurance and signal quality, the series easily adapts to control CNC machinery, improve machine inspection, and facilitate edge server solutions.



Precision Made Easy with the ICES 675 Computer-on-Module

Customization meets high performance in NexCOBOT’s compactly designed ICES 675 computer-on-module (COM). With reliable Intel® Coffee Lake-H microarchitecture supporting a selection of three on-board, HD graphics enabled processors, the COM Express Type 6 is perfect for all of your high-resolution output and automation needs.

创博iRPA 2000机器人自动化解决方案,助企业大幅提升制造自动化能力


MiniBOT 开创服务新纪元-机器手臂泡姜黄拿铁抗疫




Take Control of Automation with the All-in-One NET 355 Motion Control System

With our newest NET 355 hybrid motion control system, we’ve made life stress-free by incorporating all of the following into a small form factor: two protocols (EtherCAT and Mechatrolink), a proprietary management software stack, a user-definable and scalable FPGA, and an array of I/Os.



NEXCOM IoT Gateways With IoT Studio Assist Businesses Fostering Cloud Connectivity

NEXCOM IoT gateway solution comes to bridge the control and management layers of industrial internet of things (IIoT). Featuring acquisition, processing, and evaluation of big loads of data to upload valuable data to the cloud, the IoT gateway solution is ready to reinforce industrial environments with data analysis and predictive maintenance.