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EtherCAT 主站控制软件

  • 标准EtherCAT通讯,可支持各家标准的从站模块
  • 最多可支持64个从站
  • EtherCAT 通讯周期 250 μs
  • 支援DC, PDO, SDO, CiA402, CoE, FoE, ESI, ENI
  • 提供Windows API
  • 提供EtherCAT主站设定软件工具-NexECM


NexECM is a NexCOBOT developed software EtherCAT master stack, NexECM runs on an RTOS platform and provides a precise communication cyclic frame from EtherCAT master to EtherCAT slave. NexECM provides all the basic EtherCAT communication functions which allow users to directly access standard EtherCAT slaves, such as process data access, mail box data access and support CoE (CANOpen over EtherCAT).

For users who want to configure EtherCAT slaves, NexECM also provides a powerful EtherCAT configuration tool called NexECM Studio. NexECM Studio help users scan EtherCAT slaves and create ENI (EtherCAT Network Information) files. For servo motor applications and digital I/O applications, NexECM Configuration Tool also provides a friendly user interface to directly control digital I/O, and servo motors based on the CiA402 standard.

NexECM provides Microsoft Windows APIs for users to build their own EtherCAT applications. For EtherCAT slaves synchronization control, ECM synchronizes with Distributed Clocks (DC) including master synchronization.


Realtime OS

  • INtime

Comm. Cycle

  • Min. cycle time up to 250μs

Slave No.

  • 64

Motion API

  • CiA 402 Motion Library



Powerful Utility

  • NexECM Studio
    • Scan EtherCAT slave devices
    • Import ESI File, and export ENI file
    • Configure EtheCAT slave devices
    • Monitor EtherCAT communication quality
    • Test functions for EtherCAT slave devices

Ordering Information

NexECM (P/N:98ROBO000003F)
NexECM Realtime Software 



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